Since the onset of COVID our world has changed drastically, so have the needs of our community. How we address these unique needs must change as well. Our traditional methods of dealing with behavioral issues don’t underlining needs of the individual which means you may get compliance, but you don’t get changed lives. That’s why Trust Based Relational Intervention is so important.

TBRI is a holistic, attachment-based, evidence based, and trauma-informed intervention that is designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children.  The TBRI Caregiver Training offers training on 4 TBRI topics:

  1. Introduction & Overview – a TBRI primer (10/1)
  2. Empowering Principles – address physical needs (10/15)
  3. Connecting Principles – address attachment needs (10/29)
  4. Correcting Principles – address fear-based behaviors (11/12)

This training is beneficial to all who take it whether you have children, work with children, or interact with children in society. All classes will be held at Capital Christian Center from 9am-3:30pm. Space is limited so RSVP to reserve your spot. Lunch is provided. Contact Jennifer Kelly at for more information.