Capital Creative

Capital Creative is a collective team of vocalists, musicians, audio engineers, production team members (lighting and graphics), and photographs who serve at Capital Christian.

Capital Worship focuses on creating an experience where authentic, Holy Spirit-inspired worship connects people with the heart of God.

Our team has a passion for leading others to a place where they can encounter God’s presence, and we see it as an honor to be a part of that life-changing experience.Our goal is to Love God, Love People, Pursue Excellence, and Choose Joy – as we become a community led by the Holy Spirit.

At Capital Creative We....

Love God!

We are passionate about the presence of God and live a life that reflects the love of Christ.

Love People!

We grow relationally with the team and have a genuine love for people.

Pursue Excellence!

As an act of stewardship, we excel in musicianship and continually develop the talents that God has given us.

Choose Joy!

We endeavor to have the mind of Christ, and approach life with an attitude of humility and an atmosphere of fun.